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Maison Telmont announces partnership with Chefs for Impact

Maison Telmont is an esteemed Champagne house with a rich legacy passing over from the last to the current century.  It is with great excitement and pride that we announce our highly awaited partnership with Chefs for Impact. This important joint effort represents a significant step in our ongoing commitment to foster sustainable practices in wine production and gastronomy. Additionally, it fills us with immense enthusiasm for the positive impact we can create together.

What are Chefs for Impact?

Chefs for Impact, a famous non-profit organization with a main office in the vibrant city of New York. Moreover, the organization stands at the head of the sustainable food movement. Their mission is to educate and later empower the general public on the importance of conscious eating. This mission aligns perfectly with our values at Maison Telmont.  Chefs for Impact organizes a range of thematic events, creative programs, and attractive content. Through collaborative efforts with celebrated chefs, dedicated food professionals and passionate farmers this initiative serves as a guiding light. A guiding light for individuals seeking to make sustainable food choices. Their global network of ambassadors ensures that their influence extends far beyond American borders. And that this influence not only touches lives but also changes perspectives around the world.

Committments to sustainability

Maison Telmont deeply embraces sustainability in everything we do. Our "In the Name of Mother Nature" project guides us as we actively implement the highest standards of wine production. We respect and protect the delicate balance of our natural surroundings. We go beyond the limits of the vineyards. Our aim is to inspire positive change within the wine production and gastronomy industries altogether. To achieve this, we bring together a passionate community of professionals. A community who shares our steady commitment to producing exceptional quality while cutting down our environmental footprint.

Partnership with Chefs for Impact: shared values

The partnership between Maison Telmont and Chefs for Impact is a natural fusion of shared values. It is also a collective desire to create a more sustainable future. Ludovic du Plessis, President of Maison Telmont, underscores our dedication, stating, "In the Name of Mother Nature, Maison Telmont seeks to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations that share our mission of cutting down the environmental impact of consumption without compromising on the exceptional quality we deliver. Chefs for Impact stand for this mission through their comprehensive approach that encompasses the entire value chain, from producers to clients. Raising awareness among the general public about the environmental consequences of their eating choices is key in achieving a 'totally sustainable' way of life. The work of Chefs for Impact is not only important but also crucial, and we are extremely proud to be associated with this esteemed organization through our partnership."

Olivia Chessé, Founder and President of Chefs for Impact, reciprocates the excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with Maison Telmont, a brand that shares our mission to promote sustainable food without compromising on quality. Maison Telmont, like all Chefs for Impact partners, shows a steady commitment to producing top-quality products while respecting both people and the planet. We are excited to introduce our passionate community and esteemed guests at dining events to the exquisite Champagnes of Maison Telmont, a true embodiment of sustainability and gastronomic excellence."

A powerful union of shared values

This fresh partnership between Maison Telmont and Chefs for Impact mark a powerful union of shared values, desires, and prowess. Moreover, it serves as a proof to the steady effort of both organizations in driving positive change within the food and beverage industry. It promotes sustainability and at the same time raises awareness about the importance of conscious eating. Through our collective efforts Maison Telmont and Chefs for Impact aim to inspire individuals from all walks of life to make informed choices. Choices that put the well-being of the planet on the first place, alongside with the joy of exceptional cooking experiences. Together, we represent a well-matched blend of exceptional quality, sustainability, coupled with a gastronomic excellence. We work hand in hand to create a better and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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